A snowy sunday morning

Snow panorama Heerlen

Last Sunday morning we got up early enough to have the hills all to ourselves.
Either that or we were just the only idiots wanting to go out. Fun either way.
And quite gorgeous scenery with the snow everywhere, click on the pic above for a big panorama.


Eve has developed her preferred sledding technique, which involves laying down on her back and holding on for dear life. Her head is sticking out though, so it’ll drag behind the sled through the snow, causing her to laugh like mad all the way down while snow is spraying up. Unfortunately I only have a picture of her at the bottom of the hill (the one above here), would have loved to get the whole thing on video. As you can imagine Kate and me where damn near falling over laughing our ass off.
Amy hates the cold and usually goes in turtle mode as soon as we walk out the door, sticking her head in her coat, or even better ours. But for some reason ever since we gave her new gloves she thinks snow is awesome and she runs around smacking it. From one heap to the next, smack smack, big grins, next heap, smack smack. Weird kid.
Good fun. :)

Sledding with the class

Eve going down hill

Today the whole class went sledding in the snow. Quite fun with about 30 4 & 5 year olds, 2 teachers and about 6 parents trying to guide them all. Lots of slipping and sliding just walking to towards the hill, and once the sledding began I had fun trying to prevent them all from running each other over. ‘t was a good day.
And we survived. ;)

Snow at last

And it looks like it’ll stay for at least this week. I hope. The snowgods sure took their time though.

Let it Snow!

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Seeing as, despite our best efforts, it’s still not snowing, we have now added a little shrine to pray to the snowgods. Please hear our call: let it snow!

Stranded in the snow

I was supposed to work today, but the weather’s really gotten bad.
The parking lot behind the apartment complex here is totally snowed in, and there were a bunch of us trying to get out this morning, but to no avail. The cars are all just spinning in place, and even if you do get someone to help push the damn thing a few feet you’re stuck again. And again.
So we’re all working from home today. Yay for vpn.

Buses, mail delivery, nothing’s driving today. Even truckers are advised to stay home because a lot of trucks have gotten stuck. I can’t remember it ever having been this bad.
So much for global warming.

A snowy morning in Maastricht

This morning I dropped off Katelynd at the university in Maastricht, after which I had an hour or 2 to kill. So I decided to just walk around town and take some pictures before daylight fully kicked in. So enjoy the snow scenery.

I apologize for the picture quality, I left the Olympus at home and Kate had my iPhone, so I was left with only an HTC phone to take pictures, and god they’re terrible.

Snow and sledding

Tried to get to work this morning, but after 30 minutes I was only 2 streets from home, and on the radio they said there was a 50 km traffic jam on the 65 km route to work… so I turned around and told the missus to get ready to go out in the snow. Bought a sled and off we went to the local pond which was frozen over and had some people skating on it. A lovely start of the year, I just hope it won’t get too bad with the snow this night.


As promised some pics of the first snow here in the Netherlands last night.

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.