Soshite Koi ga Hajimaru

Author: Kel Tsukimura
Illustrator: Sumomo Yumeka
Genre: Coming of Age, Light Yaoi (No sex so far)
Status: Serialized (Manga still pending)
Published Outside Japan: No
Published by: N/A
Release Date: N/A
Age of Appropriateness: 16+

Presented by: Mochi*Mochi []

This review is based on the series of Soshite Koi ga Hajimaru chapters released in Chara magazine. Up to chapter four has been released, there is speculation that it might be turned into complete manga last time I checked. I’ll change it when I find out for sure.


Miki Tamura is currently attending High School, he’s a junior and recently he was dumped by his girlfriend. But he’s not too broken up about that. Miki’s life is pretty comfortable he has a nice family and is taking up Cram classes after school.

One day while smoking he over hears a conversation. Too bad for Miki that he wasn’t able to make an exist without getting caught. The man that spotted him invited him to his office for some tea. Miki does a good reaction check and thinks that the man is inviting him to tell him to keep quite. You see what Miki over heard was that the man was gay.

To Miki’s surprise the man didn’t do anything except give Miki his card. His name is Asami and he’s a financial consultant. All Asami wanted was a tea-drinking-buddy and Miki agreed. The two spark a conversation about just the usual stuff.

Over time Miki’s visit to Asami’s office become more regular. And all they do is talk and slowy the two of them begin to open up to eachother. And they become really good friends. Look it might seem really simple and “It’s been done before” but it’s really a good gentle story.


The artwork really accompanies the story’s plotline. It’s very laidback but at the same time it’s very sophisticated and gentle. One thing that stood out to me was Miki’s eyes: his pupil’s are very wide, it really separates him from the others. While the other main character(s), especially Asami’s, eyes are drawn very small. The artwork is very clean and light look. The amount of detail is very nice and it’s not very done. It looks somewhat simple but it fits the overall feel really well.


I was really taken by surprize while reading this story. I got it off of Mochi*Mochi’s website and I usually go there for yaoi downloads. I picked up thise series in my monthly raid for my yaoi fixation. What I was expecting was lots of sex and a very tacky plotline. What I got instead was this amazing light hearted story with interesting characters and a lot of potential–if it ever was to be published as a complete manga.

Now the story itself is based on a novel, and the manga is drawn by Sumomo Yumeka. It’s hard to pin point why I like this story so much. Probably because it offers a story not about sex, which I was due to read pretty soon–it was a good escape from the ton of Prince of Tennis hardcore yaoi mangas that I have been reading. But the story, so far, is so “fluffy”. I really think shojo fans would like it.

At the end of chapter four you really get the feeling that both of them are about to really open up and that sparks might start flying soon. It might be too early to tell but I can see Miki and Asami starting a relationship and at the same time I can see Miki starting a relationship with a best friend. Either way it’s something I must find out, I’m really hooked.

Maybe it’s the fact that it’s a fluffy love story or that it’s a interesting story, maybe both, but you want to know what happens. The characters are complex, there is much to them as if they aren’t telling you everything. Ugh! I like it a lot. I was kind of upset when I reached the ending and found out that that was the seemingly of the story (for now).

For those yaoi fans that were looking for sex I’m sad to say my fellow brethren or sistern? there isn’t any in this so far but it’s still a good story. Put down the hot man-on-man action for a while.

Let me degress and try to offer some constructive criticism.

If you like a story that has the potential to develop as the story goes on, and you like the very light and casual type stories that aren’t focused on the climatic things rather than story (again I mention so far) then you might like this. Take into consideration that so far the manga story ends at chapter 4, the novel is finished and you can search on Mochi*Mochi’s website whether or not they have the story avaiable for download, so if you do download this the story that you’ll read will come to a halt. Very sad I know.

Still from what I’ve read it’s a great story about two very interesting characters and it would be nice to see how things develop between the two, and if not at least it’s fun to speculate what might happen.


By Cherubim

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