Spiral: Bond of Reasoning

Name: Spiral: Bond of reasoning(or Deduction Connection as ive seen it called)
Genre: mystery
Length: 30 minute episodes, 25 of them. 3 dvd boxset.

Plot = A
Characters = B
Music = B
Overall = B+

General Outlook:
Spiral is some refreshing newness, and sterotype at the same time. Better than that midget Conan, yet it follows the same vien. Young man is a detective genuis who solves crimes the cops cant…Yet Spiral has a nice twist. Ayuma the main figure is drawn into this world through many fronts, not because his four eyed midget self wants to form a detective agency. We learn that his brother was a great detective, and his dissapearance hangs heavily on Ayuma. As he gets drawn into a world of mystery, he finds out about the “Blade Children” and that maybe his brother was involved in something bigger than he thought. Something he soon finds himself drawn into as well…

Pretty good, the opening theme is sooo addictive, even if it doesnt fit the series too well.(its soo happy weird the opening).

Narumi Ayuma- The young man who has incredible skills but lives in the shadow of his brother. Rather quiet and withdrawn, very little emotion. Very logical, often snagging a mystery to completion where others could not see. Especially love the very first mystery he is involved in, where he exonerates himself and shows his skill.
Madoka- His sister in law, she was married to his brother. She is a investigator for the police and while being keen eyed and sharp witted, often acts childish and treats Ayuma strangely overall.
Yuizaki Hiyono- The school reporter. She is the total opposite of Ayuma. Outgoing, almost sickenly so, cheerful and bright. She follows Ayuma around happily, realizing the way he solved the first case could lead to some interesting storys.
The Blade Children- Well that would give it away if i talked about them, now wouldn’t it.

I loved this series, and i thought i would be ruined on Detective shows after that bastard Conan. The lack of midgets with thick glasses in this series, definatley improves it in my opinion, lol. It is wonderfully fresh. People who dont even like or have heard of Detective anime find themselves enjoying this show. I love the character design, heck thats whay first drew me in.(my friend and i were looking at Spiral and its offical website since before it aired in japan, as it looked interesting)
Definately worth some attention.

My thoughts and Spoilers:
No spoilers, its a detective show id give too much away.
Needless to say its all good. I love Madoka’s partner, who is the bumbling detective who seems to be off on all his clues.

By Darknight ZO

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