Sympathetic Pins

Author: N/A
Genre: Hardcore Yaoi Comedy
Status: One-Shot
Published Outside Japan: No
Published by: N/A
Release Date: N/A
Age Appropriateness: 18+

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Izumi runs a acupuncture clinic in Japan. Things aren’t going as expected though. All he seems to attract is old men that hit on him with lines like “you look like my wife when she was young”. Until one day a hot, and I mean HOT!, American surfer stumbles into the clinic looking for assistance. Izumi almost goes unconscious after he sees the American surfer’s package. The boy’s name is Chris Kidman and he’s an 18 year old surfer competing in a competition in Japan; however, recently his legs have been given him some pain and he came to Izumi’s clinic to see if he would be able to help. Izumi jumps at the opportunity to help the poor chap, and in the process snag some hot American…well you know. ^.^”

Izumi tells Chris to get undressed and be prepared for a very thorough examination. There really isn’t anything wrong with Chris but how can Izumi let such a prize catch get away so soon, bodies like Chris’ doesn’t come around very often in the clinic. Izumi says that he’ll give Chris some “oriental treatment” and he’ll be ready to surf in time for the competition in week. This is where the fun starts.

Apparently oriental treatment in Izumi’s eyes is sticking needles in Chris’ rear end for his self pleasure, tying him down and video taping him and exploring Chris’ deepest parts. Honestly it’s much funnier than I can express with my limited vocabulary. Things only get worse, or better depending on your point of view, when Izumi decides that it’s best to give Chris penis treatment. You’ll have to figure out what that means for yourself.

All of this is just too much for Izumi. He can’t control himself anymore. Izumi already decided to make him swallow the sleep pill and take advantage of him while he’s knocked out–it’s still funny no matter how wrong it all is. Chris wakes him with Izumi’s ass in his face–literally! Chris isn’t shocked, ok well not that shocked, and he admits that he was playing along the whole time only because he was instantly attracted to Izumi when he walked into the clinic.

Well Chris went into the competition and after went back to America, Izumi decided to follow. Thinking maybe that the scenery of old men might change in another country. Sadly it did not. Not to worry though Chris pops in once in a while for some “oriental treament”.


There is an awesome amount of detail in this, which is good because of all the things that Izumi does to Chris you want to be able to see it well. The backgrounds are also great. The pages have a lot going on them so it’s easy to get distracted, especially if in the right corner there is a scene with Chris’ penis in it. The characters look beautiful! The male characters look very musclular rather than the slim feminine bodies you see in a many yaoi mangas. The only character that looks very feminine is Izumi but that fits into the story so we have to deal with that.


I really couldn’t stop laughing throughout this manga. It’s just so damn funny! It’s very sort but still worth every kb I used up downloading it. The things Izumi does to Chris are just too much, and the fact that Chris just goes along with it and acts like a blond–which he is–just adds to the fun. There is a weird set of pages that drift from the storyline which was the only down part I saw to this story. It’s very funny. There is a lot of sex. And the characters are hot. What’s not to love.


By Cherubim

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