Tales of Symphonia

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Review of Tales of Symphonia for the Gamecube

-Console: Gamecube
-ESRB Rating: Teen
-Genre: RPG
– #Of Players: 1-4
-Difficulty: Adjustable
-Completion Time: 65:43
– #Of discs: 2 (long game)

Story: 9.5/10

The story in the beggining is a lot like the Martix story for a little bit, then there is so many twists and turns in there that it become unpredictable. You start as a normal(dumb) school kid adn you find out about the chosen one. The chosen one is sent out on a journey to restore the worlds supply of mana and you become one of her guardians as you travel. To restore the mana you must release seal and beat the guardian of that seal. There are also Desians that try to stop you from regeneration. Then the story line stops drawing from the Matrix and becomes its own.

Sound: 8/10

It is good for the style of the game and the characters. Put it in another game and im not so sure about it. It has some great ‘tunes though and creates a great ambiance. The songs change with the scenery.

-Control: 10/10

The control is amazing in this game. If you have played other tales games you will be quite used to it. They may not feel right at first, but become second nature as you play. They are very simple, use the A button for a normal attack and Right, left, up or down + B for your specials. There are also Unison Attacks that use all 4 charcaters to attack one enemy.Also has great collision detection.

Graphics: 9/10

Graphics in this game are good. Cartoonyish with lotsa colors that suit the game very well. The effects are spectacular with lotsa lights and cool effects. The monsters you fight are pretty cool, especially the hidden boss….The Characters are all detailed and the NPC’s are all different.

Gameplay: 10/10

The game is very fluid. The battles also aren’t traditional to RPG’s but are to the series. The battles are like a 2D fighter on a 3D map and with the great control, it makes the gameplay great. With the special skills and the use of EX Gems to enhance you characters, it makes the battles just fun to watch. There is also an aouto function to use so you can sit and watch and not have to do anything. But the difficulty varies at points form easy to very hard. It is also not the linear and if you take the wrong path the game flow changes alond with the difficulty but that is why it is a RPG.

Multiplayer: 7/10

The multiplayer in this game would be a 10/10 if it wasn’t for the camera always centered on player 1. It makes it very troublesome to play 3 other people, but only able to see 1 on screen. But with the great controls and the magic users, you wont have to see the whole party, but if you use strict melee characters it becomes hard and troublesome.

-Lonevity: 10/10

This game is very long, ~65 hours completing most tasks in the game. But then you get graded on how well you fight and after you beat the game, you can buy special features to use on the next game to make it easier….or harder.There are things like 2x exp. and 10exp. but there is also 1/2 exp. Play it Twice through adn you will only then be able to buy 10x exp. Then you have to play again of course. And trust me, you will too. Shocked

Final Score: 9.5/10


This game is amazing, so if you have the Cube and 50 bucks(american), pick this one up for God’s sake, it is amazing. This game, in my humble opinion is one of the best games for the Cube.Now stop reading this and go and buy the damn game! Surprised

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