Shirahime-Syu: Tales of the Snow Princess

Artist: CLAMP, some beautiful work here.
Genre: Tragedy, moralistic drama legends.
Full of?: Snow, lol. Poor souls, and tears.
What not to like?: Some people may not appreciate the moralisitc storys, or the tragedy in them. Im also curious to see how well the translation settles over the feel of the storys.(this review is based on the original japanese one, as is most of my reviews)

Shirahime-syu. The Princess of the snow.
The people often tell tales of the snow princess, and they dont usually have a happy ending. This work is a collection of varying storys, loosely interconnected through the presence of the Snow Princess in some form or another, and a deep often tragic moral. There is a legend on revenge, when a young woman goes to kill the wolf that killed her father but ends up being saved by it and befriending it…Or the story of the young man who left for war, promising to return no matter what to his loved one.

Throughout these storys we are actually following a “main” story. A farmer lost in a snowstorm, who upon seeing a strange woman thinks back to the tales he knows of the snow princess. He befriends her trying to “save” her from the cold, and in the end we realize it is the snow princess herself.
Its a very good look into human nature, and love. Though tragic it is very well done and moving.

The manga is a wonderful addition to collections, as it is a single volume of storys with beautiful artwork and storytelling.

Shirahime- The snow princess is the only real main character. We are introduced the the various others through the legends and their own tales of sorrow.

Similar tastes:
Japanese lore or legends. Especially those of the snow princess or if you want another tale, look on the one about the Moon Princess. Check your local library or scour the web for such tales if you dont happen to own any good collections of lore.*cough cough like me cough cough*

Where can i get it?:
Licensed and released with a somewhat nice cover. English you can grab it all over. Waldenbooks, etc. Wherever carrys manga in your area. Originals, i would have to look around for. Being licensed any scanslations of it *should* not be online anymore.

By Darknight ZO

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