That Noble Woman

Author: Yoshinaga Fumi
Genre: Yaoi
Status: Chapter(s)
Published Outside Japan: No
Published by: N/A
Release Date: N/A
Age Appropriateness: 18+

This review is reviewing the fifth and sixth chapters of Gerard and Jacques that deals with the story of Gerard and his wife Natalie. For the review of the complete manga, and review of the artwork click here


Gerard is a young man attending university in France during the 18th century. He has fallen in love with a old, by back then standards’, women of nobility named Natalie. Natalie is the perfect woman to Gerard and he says he will ask her father for Natalie’s hand in marriage. Natalie tells Gerard that she won’t be faithful to him even if they wed, still Gerard is willing to deal with that or at least he said he would.

On the day of their wedding Natalie’s other lover, Baron Amalrique, wishes them the best and bluntly says that he is looking forward to many more nights with Natalie. And hopes that Gerard doesn’t mind but he has intention of stopping their affair–even though he himself is already married.

Gerard’s marriage starts off happily but soon his dream like world begins to crumble; starting with the news that his daughter had died during child birth. Jacques blames himself for what happened and promises Natalie that he would do better next time. Natalie however doesn’t care one way or another. She hates child bearing and considers children the end of her figure–not the motherly type at all.

Sometime later an anxious Gerard rushes home to announce the completion of his first book, a love story, to his darling wife Natalie, only to find Natalie in the arms of the Baron Amalrique. Natalie sees this as an opportunity and not the shock of every husband’s dreams like Gerard sees it; she proposes that the three of them make the best of the situation and sleep together all three of them! Gerard does as Natalie wishes and proceeds with her and Baron Amalrique desires. Gerard lies there while he is taken advantage of by both a man and a women. Only after to hear the Baron and Natalie laugh at him for his silly book’s premise: a woman of nobility that falls in love with a young student. They say that it won’t sell. Which it turns out it did not. However the Baron and Natalie are both there to accept Gerard in his darkest moment with the promise of sex. This new lifestyle seems to have taken root with Gerard and he plans on writing a new novel about lust and perversions. It seems the optimistic Gerard filled with hope and dreams has given way to a man driven by his deepest desires—a three-some in Paris would do that to you.

Gerard’s sadistic sex novel sells hundreds and he become rich beyond his wildest dreams. He finally has the money to afford all the things Natalie’s ever wanted; however, that doesn’t stop Natalie and while Gerard is left to enjoy the spoils of a porn story Natalie has run off with another lover. But strangely enough the Baron is still around. It seems that he wishes to taste Gerard once again. Gerard makes it clear that the only reason why he allowed the Baron to touch him was because it was Natalie’s wish and that he would prefer if the Baron did not return again. The Baron merely laughed and walks away.

Some time later the Baron’s wife passed away and Gerard and Natalie went to pay their respects. However the Baron had another idea in mind. While Gerard was away the Baron and Natalie started to fool around, on the night of his wife’s death. However Gerard intervenes with their plan and now begins to see Natalie for what she really is: a dirty French whore.

Natalie then confesses to Gerard that the daughter that she said died during birth was alive; however, the daughter wasn’t Gerard’s but the Baron’s. Natalie decided to give the child away to the maid. Gerard lashes out at Natalie for doing what she did to her own child. Natalie panic and picked up a piece of iron used at the fire place and swung it at Gerard. This is where Gerard receives the scar on his face. This is when Gerard demands that Natasha must leave and that one day he will find her and kill her.

When Gerard comes to all of Natasha’s belongs are gone.

It is at this time that Gerard went in search of his daughter who had fallen ill and was on the verge of death. He finally got to meet the girl he had believed was dead all these years before she passed away.

Since then Gerard has never liked the nobility class and saw them as beast rather than humans.


These were some intense chapters in the story of Gerard and Jacques. Taking the time to go back and look at what Gerard the way he is today was a smart move. It added much more depth to the story and made you wonder what attracted him to Jacques. It’s probably what happened with him and Natalie that made him swore of women, but it makes you wonder if at the core of this the Baron shares the blame along with with Natalie but Gerard now only sleeps with men, and young ones–the little pervert!
Either way this little detour solidifies this manga as not just another yaoi but something with depth and content. It laid the foundation for volume 2 of this series with you wanting to see how things will play out with Jacques.

By Cherubim

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