The Devil Does Exist vol. 1

Author: Takanashi Mitsuba
Published by: CMX
Release Date: April 2005
Genre: Drama
Age: Teen

High School is hard to begin with, when you add romance it just becomes impossible; well that’s the sitaution Kayano is in. She’s falling for the cute boy, and school basket ball captain, in her class; however, she can’t seem to say a word around him. One day she finally gathers up the courage to give him a letter that she wrote–admitting her love for Yuichi–that’s the boy’s name by the way. Kayono’s luck however makes her give the letter to the wrong person, a very wrong person; but before she ask for the letter back she storms off running with tears in her eyes–it’s more funny than it is sad. After a bit of cooling off, Kayano finds out that the person she accidentally gave the letter too was no other than school bad boy Edogawa Takeru, who also happens to be the son of the principal. Takeru has a reputation around the school for running things and getting things his way even though he is just a first year.

Kayano life is just about to get interesting when Takeru rings her door bell with the love letter in his hand. Na├»ve Kayono believes that Takeru came to return the letter, she is sadly mistaken because Takeru plans on photo copying the letter and posting it around the school. (That should get Yuichi to see that she likes him.) Kayano now sees that the rumors are true but the young misfit. Takeru decides to make things interesting and blackmail Kayano. Even Kayano friends are helpless to save her–but that’s because they are paralized by how sexy Takeru is. ^.^ (He really is a sexy stud muffin…yum!)
Even though Kayano does what Takeru wants she still comes into school one day, while walking with Yuichi, and sees the love letter posted on the board. Kayano immediately confronts Takeru about it but it seems that just makes him want her more.

Kayano’s life can’t get any worse, eh.

Well it does, when she comes home to hear that her mother is getting re-married. Her mother seems to be so happy; however, when she tells Kayano who she’s marring Kayano looses it. Kayano’s mother is marring the Kayano’s school’s principle. If that wasn’t weird enough that would make Takeru, the person who has made her life a living hell, her step-brother. Ouch! Kayano’s mom is warming up to Takeru, to her he’s like the perfect son she never had; however to Kayano he is “El Diablo”.

Kayano’s life isn’t all bad, yet anyway. She’s getting closer to Yuichi, which is good but whenever things seems to ge going good for her Takeru pops in to smash. This time he plans to join the basket ball team. Takeru really does have the skills to play “b-ball” but states that he’ll only join if Kayano gets to be the manager. What evil scheme can he be up to?

It seems that every aspect of Kayano life is controlled by Takeru now, and that’s when he unleashes his dark intentions…he kisses her.

Ok the first question you’ll ask is thet ground for incest, if you’re future step-brother kisses and admits his love for you? And the answer is no, until there parents get married, then it’s worthy of only Jerry Springer or a John Waters film. What’s worse is that Yuichi was there to see it all. Takeru explains to Yuichi and the still in shock kayano that they won’t be your average brother ans sister. While at first Yuichi seems to be sane about the whole thing, he begins to show signs that he’s flown his coop. Kayano’s life has finally gone off the track: her mother is marring her principle, the love of her life is acting like he doesn’t care, the person that has been driving her crazy is about to become her step-brother and just confessed his love for her. Kayano becomes to embarresed to go to the pratice meets which results in a confrontation with the captain, Yuichi.

The later Kayano finds out that she’ll have to spend a few days with her soon-to-be-step-dad, who welcomes Kayano with open arms and gives her a bit of history on Takeru and why he is the way he is. Kayano doesn’t know what to make of it but she seems to be falling for Takeru. O.^
These new feelings are only further strengten when it turns that Yuichi isn’t the Yuichi Kayano thought he was. It seems that Kayano is slowly growing to like, and maybe even love, Takeru–I guess they’ll deal with the legal issues of that kind of relationship when it arrises.

However I don’t think this is the end of the drama for Kayano.

I don’t think “drama” describes this manga properly, “one twisted story” is probably better. I must say it’s definatley one of those mangas that require to finish reading it for you to realize how good it is. I started reading this manga at the beginning of the summer and placed it down then picked it back up several times before I could actually sit down to finish; and that might be due to several different factors: the artwork is something you have tp get use to, the fact that the story isn’t “story driven” until the very end of the manga. Still the Devil Does Exist is an awesome title to read if you have the time to read it and not get bored during the first half of the mang. Filled with High School Drama (the best kind), one twisted love story, and bullies, nerds and basketball, you’re not missing anything in this. Still it’s an great story once to get into.
There is a lot of attention spent on character detail, so much so that it might distract from the story, but it’s nice to see that the characters themselves aren’t glanced over and that some time was spent designing them. The artwork is also very different from what I’m accustomed to seeing.
The characters are intersting as each has their own personality and that’s what really makes them seem very realistic, and it’s personalities that we can say “I know someone like that” so that helps bring the story home.
Now there aren’t really moments of peace and laughter but rather just one High School drama moment after another, which might be the reason why it can become annoying. Still I think this is a good manga to read of shojo fans, whether you’re in High School or out of High School (thank God!) you’ll be able to connect with what Kayano is going through–even though you might not have had a thing with your step-brother. “the Devil Does Exist” is really in short a “Soap Opera Drama”, one of those dramas that when you really get into it your really get into it.
The manga leaves on somewhat of a cliff hanger, a really interesting one, that makes me want to go buy Volume 2 right now. If you’ve got the time to read a manga that developes as you read, building on past events, I suggest you read this manga, it’s great once you finish the first volume leaving you wanting more. Razz (CMZ should pay me for all this advertising!)


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