The Super Milk Chan Show

Director: Kiyohiro Omori
Creator: Hideyuki Tanaka
Producer: Kazumasa Watanabe
Character Design: Takahiro Yoshimatsu
First Aired: Jan 1, 2000
Episodes: 14
Genre: Comedy
Age: 16+

Series Review:

Milk Chan isn’t your typical superhero; she doesn’t have any superpowers or a secret hideout—besides her small apartment. However, a superhero she is non-the-less. Just because she’s lazy doesn’t mean she’s without her civic duties to society. On her handy dandy superhero telephone Milk Chan gets a call from the president (of everything) telling Milk Chan what her job is for that day is, which can range from stopping a money forger that wants to buy all of the world’s Belgium waffles with fake money or stopping aliens from kidnapping the president (of everything) in order to clone him and use the clones for food. Funniest one is counseling a school of drunken fish.

Yes, Milk Chan does have her hands full. Luckily she has some help her truly robot Tetsuko—who happens to be an paranoid orphan—and Hanage, the slug that doesn’t seem to be able to do anything; and when those allies—although they can’t do anything—aren’t enough Milk Chan can always called the Laboratory and get help from Dr. Eye-patch. Even though Dr. Eye-patch works in the highly technological advanced laboratory in the country he still can’t a proper working TV screen. Dr. Eye-patch will usual offers Milk Chan some helpful advice, in his own bizarre way, or gives her some the laboratory’s useful machines to aid her in her mission.

Milk Chan enjoys her job although she frequently finds her calling the president (of everything) a Dumbass. Poor Mr. President (of everything) he takes so much verbal abuse from Milk Chan. When the job is done and Milk Chan returns home to her small apartment she usually finds herself coming with some bizarre ways of dodging her flamboyant landlord from collecting his rent money. You see Milk Chan’s day job, being the president’s right hand little lady for daily insults and help saving the world, doesn’t seem to be pay the rent so she’s decided to invite a family of ants as boarders; which still doesn’t seem to cover the bills. Thus another day in the world of Super Milk Chan ends; only to be replaced with an even weirder one tomorrow.


Milk Chan

A Super hero with no super powers and no moral reasoning way she is a superhero. I guess it gives her something to do. She’s lazy and filled to the rim with foul language. Why does the president call on her for help, is still a mystery. With her tendency to drool and wine about almost everything Milk Chan makes for interesting super hero. She doesn’t really care about the world or anything to be exact. It just goes to show it doesn’t take much to be a superhero hero. Besides saving the world—which is always accidental—Milk Chan takes pleasure in the misery of others, specially her sidekick Tesuko; threatening to send her back to the factory where she was made and calling her a Dumbass. Sad The only person that doesn’t seems to get much of verbal abuse out of Milk Chan’s mouth is Hanage and that’s only because he can’t do anything besides makes sounds and do whatever else slugs do. ^^


Made to assist Milk Chan in her duties as a super hero, Tetsuko gets paranoid very easily. She is constantly wondering who her father is, and dread the idea that Dr. Eye-Patch might be that person; because besides from Milk Chan Dr. Eye-Patch also calls Tetsuko a piece of junk.


The simple slug that doesn’t seem to be able to do anything isn’t so simple. Unknown to Milk Chan and anyone else, Hanage can understand every language in the universe unfortunately he can only pronounce simple mumbles. Ironic isn’t it. Because of Milk Chan’s lack of responsibility Hanage can easily slip away without her noticing—or even caring. Although he’s easy to track down, leaving the slimy trail of slug slim behind him. Where’s the salt? Twisted Evil


Created by the genius Dr. Eye-Patch Robodog is supposed to be the replacement of Tetsuko. Dr. Eye-Patch thinks Tetsuko is out of date and a waste of good scrap metal so he invented Robodog. Robodog, like all of Dr Eye-Patches inventions, isn’t perfect he as a problem he likes to pee on things: one of those things being Tetsuko. Milk Chan quickly falls in love with Robodog and easily forgets about Tetsuko.

Dr. EyePatch

Creator of all of Milk Chan’s robots, he’s the head of the laboratory. He’s very mysterious in a bizarre way. Every time Milk Chan sees him, which is always through a computer monitor, he’s always wearing a different eye-patch. I guess it wasn’t hard to figure out why he got the name he did. He usually speaks nothing but gibberish which leaves you with a question mark over your head wondering what the Hell he’s saying. No body knows what’s going on in Dr. Eye-Patches laboratory or what dysfunctional robot he’ll come up with next.

The President (of everything)

The President (of everything) is the president of everything. He controls the world from his large office, with nothing in it but his desk and a telephone that he uses to call Milk Chan. Being the president of everything nobody seems to want to tell him that he’s a complete moron, except Milk Chan. ^^ The President thinks he’s cool and good at rapping, but as Milk Chan explains to him on the phone he’s a complete Dumbass. The president usually panics and calls Milk Chan whenever something is troubling him or the nation, like a school of drunken fish that needs counseling.


Milk Chan’s flamboyant landlord, Lola only comes knocking on Milk Chan’s door to collect her rent, that’s been due six months ago. He is however easily scared away by one of Milk Chan’s simple disguises; only to come back the next day to be and be sent flying again.

Characters 7.5/9.0
Music 6.0/9.0
Animation 5.0/9.0

Note: There isn’t really a story in this, so instead of giving it a failing grade I decided just not to use it.

Despite the very low grading The Super Milk Chan Show is a very enjoyable series. I should’ve placed a fun factor grade which would have been 9/9. You’ll find yourself puzzled every minute in the episode, and you’ll be laughing while you do. From Dr. Eye-Patch’s bizarre communications from the laboratory to the President (of everything)’s even weirder rap songs, The Super Milk Chan Show is full of unexpected twist and turns; you never know what’s coming, and if you were able to then there is probably something wrong with you. If your reading this review for well balanced anime then you’re reading the wrong one; The Super Milk Chan Show makes FLCL look like…well…Blah. You’ve got to love The Super Milk Chan show for it complete bizarre and interesting spin on the anime world. The blend of you’re traditional anime cut-scenes and something out of a two year-old’s coloring book leaves you with a smile on your face and a question mark on your forehead.
Now Shut Up and watch The Super Milk Chan Show you Dumbass! ^^

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