Tokyo Renaikitan

Author: N/A
Genre: Yaoi
Age: 18+

Amano Chizu is a High School teacher, at what could be the worse high school on earth. Not only are teachers stabbed and sent to the hospital in this poor but poor Chizu is sexually asualted by the administrator and other students. The only reason why he works there, and allows himself to be used by the admistrator, is because he finally found a job and can’t afford to loose it. His life was pretty in the dumps, until one day he saw someone outside his apartment. When he went to work, and was told to meet the admistrator in a hotel and was kissed by one of his student, and came back the person outside his apartment was still there. Chizu did what any good person would and fed the guy. The guy was obviously starving he ate an entire meal of KFC in a matter of seconds.
Before the mister mysterious leaves he ask Chizu his name and says that his name is Natsume and that one day he’ll return the favor.

Well Chizu can’t stay long to think about what Natsume meant, he has to go meet the admistrator for meeting in a hotel room. (Oooooh!) However, this time is different, Chizu can’t seem to let himself be used this way anymore, and when he calls out for help who else but Natsume (with wings) comes to his rescue. He sends the adminstrator to another dimension to keep him busy. Chizu is in total shock, a few hours ago Natsume was a starving kid outside his apartment and now he’s sprouted wings and can send people into bad places.

Natsume doesn’t waste anytime and tries to make a move; however, Chizu refuses–and while Natsume points out that he was about to let some old fart do it Chizu still refuses. When Natsume tries a not so polite approach he realizes that Chizu has a barrier around him. Natsume is now intrigued even more by Chizu; he believes that meeting outside his apartment wasn’t just a coincidence. Natsume decides to leave, but promisses to return (and claim what’s “his”).

Chizu can’t seem to get what happend and Natsume out of his mind. Things only get stranger when the administrator, who can’t remember what happend to him, ask Natsume for another whack at it. XD (I’m sorry I just had to say it.) But before he could complete his proposition the school trouble boy, Takemi, pulls him away. Takemi makes a troubling revalation, telling Chizu that he’s the one that placed the barrier around Chizu when he kissed Chizu in class the other day. Then Takemi says that Chizu will be his. This obviously won’t sit still with Natsume who plans to find the person that placed the barrier and get rid of them.

It’s an interesting story, not just a sex sex sex story but at the same time it isn’t too story driven, more mystery that anything. So far from what I have on my computer there hasn’t been much sex, especially nothing hardcore. ::sigh:: The story is pretty much the mysterious-demon story we are accustomed to with a dash of yaoi. I wouldn’t expect much of a “Wow!” from reading this, nothing out of the ordinary–besides: demons, student/teacher, teacher/principle, bats with heads etc. The story has a few twist but no stunning revalations that shock you (too much).
The quality of the artwork is alright, no “Wow!” there either. The characters are kind of predictable, except that administrator, he creeped me out. Basically there isn’t much of a I-must-have-this-yaoi felling present for this title, it’s really up to you whether or not you want to get into this title. You won’t gain or lose anything (well besides time) for reading this. So I’m not saying it’s good but it ain’t super-duper either.


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