Ah where to start. Childhood nostalgia I guess. I absolutely loved The Transformers cartoon back in the 80’s when it was first aired on Saturday mornings on SSVC. Got a bunch of toys, Starscream as a memorable first and after that something like a dozen or two more. Loved them to bits. Bought a few of the comics in Dutch. At some point the cartoon ended, the Dutch version of the comic ended and that was it. Yeah Beast Wars came on later but that was in crappy 3D and didn’t do much for me to be honest.

Fast forward a few decades and I somehow come across some artwork for a Transformers comic. And it’s awesome. I can’t remember which one exactly but it must have been one of these. So I start reading up on what happened with The Transformers since the old G1 days and it seemed I’d missed quite a bit. A few decades worth of comics from three publishers (first the horrible Marvel cash-ins, then the DreamWave reboot and after they went bankrupt the IDW reboot which has been going strong for years), multiple tv-shows and toys, toys, toys as far as the eye can see (we shall not speak of the Michael Bay films).

So I started reading the comics, and god the IDW’s are good (particularly the whole Lost Light storyline) and looking into the toys. Some are and have been produced to tie in with the newer shows or films but I have decided to focus on one line in particular; the Masterpiece series produced in the US by Hasbro and in Japan by Takara. They’re basically overpriced and over engineered fanboy wet dream reimaginings of the old G1 characters for adults. Because let’s face it when you take off the nostalgia goggles to look at the toys from the 80’s they don’t exactly look the part.

But with the Masterpieces all of a sudden you get figures that are nearly cartoon accurate both in robot as in vehicle mode. Which, as transformation accuracy was never on the checklist for the cartoon, is quite a miracle of engineering for some of these pieces.

Transformers MMO coming

Sweet, I just stumbled across this, looks like there’s a Transformers based MMO coming.
Please please please make it G1! I wonder how this would be gameplay wise. Big battles of course, but the other mechanics, build your own bot from an array of parts?

Transformers G1: Awakening

This game is reviewed everywhere as an Advance Wars in Transformers setting. I wonder if any of those people ever actually played Advance Wars.
At first glance yes, it might have similar appearance, but the gameplay mechanics are different. It lacks depth of the aforementioned DS title, but makes up for that by throwing the first generation Transformers into the mix. The game follows the story of the cartoon somewhat, you start off with Bumblebee and more characters get introduced later on. You complete missions by fulfilling the objective, which usually means killing all the Decepticons, or the objective can be skipped entirely by just killing all the Decepticons anyway. Later on in the game you jump through the space gate and end back on Cybertron where the difficulty curve makes a steep incline and the game turns more into a puzzle challenge where you have to think and wonder how the heck you can achieve said objective. Like for example getting to your weapons while you’re fully unarmed and several Decepticons are blocking your way.
Oh, and did I mention this is a port of a generic 2008 cellphone game? Well it is, and it shows, although it is updated for the iPhone a bit interface wise.
So yay or nay? Well, at €0.79 it won’t exactly break the bank one way or the other. For strategy lovers it can be a quick fun blast, but not too recommended. For Transformers fans, especially the ones who think, like me, that the first generation was the best; it’s a blast. Come on, it even has Jetfire (Skyfire in the tv show) turning from bad to good. Get it. ;)

Transformers DVD; More choice than meets the eye.

Transformers DVD release
Just a little warning seeing as I’m guessing a lot of you are interested in the DVD release of Transformers.
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More than meets the eye

Transformers Starscream
The new ‘exclusive’ trailer takes away any remaining doubts that this movie is going to kick major butt.
Check it out.

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