Author: Piyoko Chitose
Genre: Yaoi Comedy
Status: Doujinshi of Prince of Tennis
Published Outside Japan: No
Published by: N/A
Release Date: N/A
Age Appropriateness: 18+

Presented by: Datenshi Blue [] & Secret Haven []


The big tournament is coming up soon and Tezuka is at the hospital. The team is handling it well, Tezuka said he’ll be back before the tournament so there isn’t much to worry about. Someone should have told that to Fuji, who is freaking out that Tezuka didn’t call him yet. Fuji throws a fit when he finds out that Tezuka called Oishi but not him. Fuji says enough is enough and decides to make a little trip to the hospital where Tezuka is staying. But he wants to do it incognito, because he doesn’t want Tezuka to think that he’s a baby–which he so is.

So how does he do it you ask? Fuji goes to the hospital in a bunny body suit not to be suspicious–love makes you do stupid things. Even though Fuji is there just to see Tezuka he gets out of hand and starts knocking over anyone that comes close to Tezuka–even the nurses. Things turn for the worse when the combination of the costume and Fuji dramatic ways makes him faint. Fuji wakes up with Tezuka next to him—he’s got a lot of explaining to do. Tezuka admits that he too wanted to see Fuji but had to wait. Tezuka decides that Fuji has to be punished for not being able to wait until he can make it back to Tokyo. This is where the hot steamy sex takes place–finally!

After the moment of passion Fuji promises to stay in Tokyo and wait for Tezuka to return. Coincidentally a few days later there is someone in a Spirited Away costume at the hospital and Fuji is no where to be found in Tokyo.


One thing I noticed about the art in this manga was that a lot of attention was paid to on the eyes. The rest of the art is “okay”. There really wasn’t much detail in it and the pages looked very bland. The characters looked like something from a coloring book. Don’t get me wrong it isn’t bad just kind of boring. But the story is short so spending and might to be light hearted so I guess it all balances out in the end.


Yet again another Prince of Tennis yaoi doujinshi that captured my heart and eye movements for a good twenty minutes looking at them doing “stuff”. This story doesn’t differ from the many others though. Fuji’s the hyper active emotional type and he’s with Tezuka the seemily quiet but yet very kinky lover. It’s funny to read about their adventures together from one artist impression to another.

This story is pretty funny. The few moments that we see Fuji in the bunny outfit were quite funny. This manga did a good job of balancing sex and humor. The high point of this story was of course the sex, which you can’t complain was pretty damn good.

I am disappointed that it was so short. But it was sufficient for the point that the story wanted to get across, which was that some people are just love sick puppies.


By Cherubim

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