I should do a series on all the kiddy tv shows from days gone by. I watched so much german tv I actually learned the language that way.

Eene Meene Miste, es rappelt in der Kiste

Machste mal Zuhause Krach,
kriegste gleich eins auf das Dach
willste übern Rasen laufen
musst Du dir ein Grundstück kaufen
Spielste mal im Treppenhaus
schmeißt dich gleich der Hausmann raus

Eene Meene Miste,
Eene Meene Meck, und du bist weg!

Six degrees of idiocy

A new documentary started on the BBC tonight, entitled “Six degrees of separation“.
I got bored with it halfway.

Some so called scientists are now researching networks, which according to them has never been done before. They rehash some old data, like a Hollywood game where every actor ever is connected to Kevin Bacon in at the most 6 hops. Then another genius comes along who’s researched the internet and was shocked to discover that some sites are more linked to than others. Then this genius hooks up with the other geniuses to come to the brilliant discovery that some actors know more actors than others. According to the BBC narrator a scientific breakthrough.
Here’s where we turned off the television.

I vaguely remember documentaries being more than rehashed, dumbed down, pseudo scientific babbling. But unfortunately that seems to be the trend these days.



If you’re interested in all things weird with regard to Japan this can be fun to watch. Jonathan Ross presents slices of japanese oddities in his own unique way. Unfortunately the show goes downhill after season 1, which is highly original and fast paced, by including a co presenter and some lame british band touring Japan, both of which have to be introduced in the same way in every episode. Also the fast pace is gone in season 2. Season 3 tries to recapture that a bit but seems to assume no one watched season 1 and therefor regurgitating most of it.
Let’s hope they make a season 4 and get everything right again.

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.