Visitor volume 1

Author: Yee-Jung No
Published by: Tokyopop
Release Date: 12/04/05
Genre: Horror, Drama and some what of a Comedy
Age: 13up

Volume 1 Review:
Hyo-Bin Na is the new girl in school, and all the boys (and jealous girls) have their eyes on her. However, boys seem to be getting the wrong signals from Hyo-Bin, as she is from distant from them. It’s not that Hyo-Bin doesn’t find them attractive, it’s just she has a little secret, a secret that seems to bring nothing but pain to those that get close to her. She’s hunted by terrible dreams of people that are close to her getting hurt, only thing is that her dreams do come true all to often.

Hyo-Bin plans to keep herself for the school year, no friends means no one will get hurt. Unfortunately Ye-Won Kwan won’t hear none of it, she decides to befriend Hyo-Bin whether she likes it or not, really, whether Hyo-Bin says “yes” or “no”.

When Ji-Hwan Choi, the high school boy toy, puts Hyo-Bin on the top of his list and is brushed off my Hyo-Bin in a second it just seems to make her even more attractive. Hyo-Bin has no choice, he’s the boy she say getting hurt in one of her dreams.

As Hyo-Bin gets adjusted to the new school she starts to have another, even darker, dream. A dream where she’s in the room of one of her class mates, and there is nothing but dead mutilated bodies on the floor. Unlike most of her dreams this one is different: the girl in her dreams can actually see and talk to Hyo-Bin.

All the while, Ji-Hwan Choi, can’t seem to get Hyo-Bin out of his mind he decides to set up a sneaky plan with his brother to get Hyo-Bin to just come walking into his arms.

Hyo-Bin decides to find and talk to the girl she met in her dream. The girl’s name is Mi-Soo Kim, and she’s known for keeping to herself totally! Mi-Soo tells Hyo-Bin that the dreams seem to be a regular thing, but Hyo-Bin being in them is something new to both. Hyo-Bin wants to help Mi-Soo get to the bottom of this, but Mi-Soo doesn’t want her to get involed, in fact either does Mi-Soo she just wants it all too go away.

Unbeknown to Hyp-Bin Ji-Hwan Choi has made a deal with his little problem to break Hyo-Bin’s heart, only for Ji-Hwan to catch her on the rebound. They make the arrangements with Ye-Won to double date (with some other guy that collects porn), knowing that Ye-Won is desperate enough to take anything.

The plan goes as predicted–unfortunately Ji-Hwan’s brother didn’t know Hyo-Bin was such a hottie–and Ji-Hwan sets he plan in motion. Hyo-Bin doesn’t have any of this on her mind though; she still worries about Mi-Soo’s condition. And she should be, since they have only been getting worse. Mi-Soo says everything only started to get worst when Hyo-Bin came to Mi-Soo’s school. This just reaffirms Hyo-Bin belief that she causes nothing but trouble, but she is determined to help Mi-Soo; however, when Mi-Soo doesn’t show up for school, Hyo-Bin can only blame herself. Hyo-Bin is determined to find out what why Mi-Soo has been afflicted with his curse, and what connection it has to Hyo-Bin.

The manga wasn’t very scary, in fact it wasn’t scary a lot. The best part of this manga is probably the comedic parts with Ji-Hwan and Ye-Won. If you are a horror manga buff, I wouldn’t recommend this as you’ll feel disappointed afterwards. I thought there was room for true horror potential here, but instead much of the appeal is in the drama parts. I got the really the manga was trying to be funny and a horror manga at the same time, which you can’t do–well I guess you could but you’ll have to be really good at it. Much of the “graphic”, and I do use those terms likely, scenes are seem to be just randomly inserted, just to classify it as a horror manga. The manga simply isn’t scary enough. (There I said it!) The only good thing in terms of horror is that the manga leaves you on a mystery, and maybe volume 2 will be more graphic and gruesome than this. With all that said, overall the manga is pretty good. The artwork is wonderful, really dense and a lot of work given to character detail; however, not much was given to scenery. The high school drama side is probably the greatest attraction to this manga, and probably the only reason to buy it. If you are looking for a Horror manga try something else, as Visitor failed to even nudge me, but if you are looking for a funny high school drama give it a shot it ain’t all that bad.


Only because I graded it as a Drama, you wouldn’t want to see what it would have gotten for a horror manga. ^^ All I can say is don’t buy it if you want horror.

By Cherubim

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