VLC Mac anime player settings

For some reason lots of anime these days comes with the primary audio set to english, with a secondary japanese audio track. For people like me who think that’s blasphemy it means having to switch audio tracks and enable subtitles on every episode we watch. This can get annoying after a while.
In VLC this is easy to remedy.
Go to Preferences > Audio and put this is in the ‘Preferred Audio language’ field:
This will automagically select the japanese audio track in anything you want to watch and fall back to ‘any’ if it can’t find any tracks matching JP, Japanese, Jap or 392.
Then go to the Subtitles & OSD tab and enter ‘any’ in ‘Preferred Subtitle Language’.
This will turn on and display any subtitles found in the show you’re trying to watch. Of course this could be narrowed down more specifically to certain languages but it works for me.


VLC 2 vs. MPlayer OSX Extended

VLC 2 has been released for the Mac and it works wonderful. Up until now Mplayer OSX Extended was my preferred player considering as we still watch quite a bit of anime and the old VLC had a habit of choking on some of the more exotic formats used in the encoding of those. Plus Mplayer rendered the subtitles better.
Now it seems the other way around and I’m back on VLC.
I noticed the following oddity as well, in VLC the title is rendered perfectly but in Mplayer it’s cut off which I don’t quite understand as it’s animated and I assumed therefor hardcoded. Even weirder because the rest of the video renders the same in both players without cutoffs in either.

Mplayer OSX Extended


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