Shin – Online picture editor

If you blog on the go, or need to do any kind of quick photo or image editing on the go, you could do worse than take a look at
A ‘full’ image editor right there in your browser. It’s surprisingly functional, I for one often use it to edit pics I want to use on my blog because, like Photoshop, it not only offers to resize the image but the canvas as well, making it easy to get it just right. That’s not all that’s nicked from PS, the whole toolbar looks surprisingly similar.
But hey, if it ain’t broke…. don’t turn it into the Gimp.

Tilt-shift maker

Tilt-shift example
Tilt-shifting is a nice little ‘technique’ that makes an ordinary photo look like it was a photo taken of a miniature.
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Photo Fun

Select an image effect from dozens available, upload your picture and tada, done.
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Another candidate for the ‘some day someone will make something useful with java but not today’ award; Enter an url and it’ll parse all the words, filter out a bunch and present you with an image of word ‘art’, which you can then have endless useless fun with, playing around with the settings and mucking about.
I wish it would parse a bit more then just the recent few entries, as is quite obvious from how big the word Drobo ended up.

Twitter Tools

Argh, Twitter overload, the Tweets keep coming in from 500+ people and I need some apps to read things more easily.
So here’s a few things I found and will be checking out.
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If you like seeing beautiful and unique photographs from all over the world, check out Pixdaus, it’s an online gallery with the most amazing photographs.
The quality of work on display is simply stunning, good for some ideas if you’re into either photoshopping or photography.

Logos and buttons for newbies

Need a logo or button for your blog or site and don’t know where to begin?
You could do worse than checking out It’s easy and you can come up with something quite nice. Looks like it’s powered by Gimp, if you rather have a standalone program. It’s free.


For extra bored people there is now TwitterVision, I guess it was inevitable after posting about FlickrVision in March, you can now watch ‘live’ what everyone is twittering all around the world.

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.