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GreyBlog theme
Gotta love open source; Design by David Herreman, WordPressed by Ericulous, Widgetized by me. I loved the look of it but our WordPress MU bloggers all want their widgets. So after modifying it I figured other people might like it as well…


Blogs & gallery

The last remains of b2evolution have been cleaned up & deleted today.
I’ve imported my old blog from there on this one and spent a considerable amount of time deleting & tagging old entries.
Mmmm, WordPress how I love thee. Sadly all the old comments are gone as well, but that’s life. Unfortunately a lot of spambots still love b2evolution so I saw a lot of hits on ye olde blogs dir. Therefor I dropped a .htaccess file in there with the following code:
Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule (.*)$1 [R=301,L]

That makes them get automagically redirected to the front page and keeps my apache error log from filling up with crap.

The gallery has also been updated. WinMerge saved the day by allowing me to update the templates in a fraction of the time it would normally take. We now have captcha spam protection in there and at last… RSS feeds! Something most of you will probably not care about but I love it to bits as it’s one step closer to my ultimate dream of building a newsfeed which contains all the updated bits from everywhere on the site.

WordPress 2.0 at last

Finally upgraded to WordPress 2.0 and the latest K2 version. Took a while before I decided to make the jump because I read a lot of horror stories about people being left with b0rked databases, incompatible plugins and lots of other problems.
But here we are, and everything seems to be fine. K2 didn’t require that much tweaking except for adding my own stuff back into a few of the php files. So all’s well from the looks of it, time to see if I can find some new and 2.0 exclusive plugins. This version seems to be more dev oriented with little difference for the enduser, except for a new visual editor everyone seems to disable straight away (me included) and a luvly image upload/manager which works like a charm after some getting used to.

Random bits

WordPress 2.0 due to be released this week, looking forward to play around with that quite a bit, especially after reading about all the new stuff that’s supposed to be in there. Along with that K2 should hit 1.0, so as soon as the plugins are confirmed as being compatible or are updated I can continue work on this layout.

Apple’s Xserve: MIA or DOA in the Enterprise? This one continues to puzzle me as well, seeing as the Xserves are pretty cheap compared to other servers, and they make me go mmm every time I see one. Maybe the userbase is part of the problem. In general Apple users tend to be non-techies, who won’t exactly be introducing Xserves into a corporate environment.
Meanwhile the countdown to January continues and rumours continue to spread about whether or not Apple will start pushing Intel systems in January already or not, what chip they’ll use and which product line will be the first to go Intel.

The trailer for The Da Vinci Code is released, the trailer does look nice, despite my Tom Hanks allergy. Hmm, maybe I’ll finally read the book, I’m usually a bit hesitant about books like this which are embraced by the general public. But you never know, it could actually be good.

And speaking of good…. if you haven’t seen the new Battlestar Galactica yet, get it… NOW. If you’re even halfway interested in sci-fi and have an IQ with 3 digits this is one series you don’t want to miss. It’s so brilliant I’m even tempted to write my first review ever just to express how much I love it.
The only downside is having to wait until January for the next episode, damn what a cliffhanger.

The times they are a-changin’

Hi there, if you’re a return visitor you may be wondering what the hell happened with the front page of the site. Well, this is it now.
Whereas the old one was nice and showed a lot of info in one go about what was going on in the forum, the gallery and the blogs it didn’t necessarily offer anything extra that couldn’t be seen if you just clicked around the site or checked the forum.
So now it’s exit and you’re looking at this. This being my new blog where I just post bits and pieces I find interesting or stuff that’s keeping me occupied. And ofcourse the occasional brainfart about life, the universe and everything else.

In true style it’s kicked live looooong before it’s finished, in fact I haven’t even properly begun yet. What you’re looking at now is pretty much a standard wordpress installation with a few plugins and the K2 theme slapped on.
So it’s all going to change quite a bit over the next few weeks, might take a while given my lack of spare time. I also have to get used to using a totally tableless design for the first time ever. ¬.¬

I hope you’ll find my random postings interesting and/or fun, please leave comments, for comments make me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Ah yeah, regarding those comments, I’m using something called gravatars, which stands for globally registered avatars. Go to and register with the email addy you intend to use for comments. Then you can upload an avatar there and no matter where you go to from then on, if you leave a comment on any site that supports gravatars your avatar will show up.

Back to WordPress

b2evolution looks pretty damn stale at the moment. Hardly any new themes or releases. Promises of a new major withstanding it’s all starting to look a bit old and if it weren’t that to the best of my knowledge it’s still the best of the multi-user systems I’d switch to something else.
In the mean time it’s time to resurrect this thing to see what WP can do and post some randomness now and again. Still not linked anywhere so all is quiet for now.

Work in progress... not home!
Trying to get all/most of the new code working before I start on the eyecandy.