X Character Files

COMPOSER: various (Yoko Kanno, Hajime Mizoguch, Seikou Nagaoka,
Hisaaki Hogari, Yoshikazu Suou, Yutaka Fukuoka)

1 – Yuzuriha (3:34)
Composed & Arranged: Yoko Kanno
– Starts off with a wolf howl-undoubtedly an Inuki tribute. The rest of the piece has an Irish feel with it’s use of traditional flute over guitar and drums. Very happy and optimistic but not perky.


2 – Nataku (3:25)
Composed & Arranged: Hajime Mizoguchi
– A sad, short string orchestra piece. Not much to it, though, really. Seems to be of a string orchestra of only violas, celli, and bass….if there’s a bass in there….Perhaps the piece is meant to reflect the lack of emotion in Nataku, but emotionless pieces dont’ make for very listenable pieces.


3 – Satsuki (7:19)
Composed & Arranged: Hajime Mizoguchi
– LARGEST MUSIC FILE EVER DOWNLOADED. (Symbolism? Large like her chest? Maybe…) Starts of with tech-y beeps and such over string monotones only to get progressively weirder. Out of nowhere comes this jazzy section with walking bass which almost suggests some presence of the bipolar disorder in Satsuki. Which is an interesting, thought, really, but Satsuki’s bipolar? I’m not sure about that. The tech sounds continue throughout the entire piece accompanied by a very mellow and kinda bouncy melody. Again another analogy to her chest? Hope not.

VERDICT: play (only because it’s so long)

4 – Karen (4:01)
Composed & Arranged: Yoko Kanno
– Absolutely gorgeous. Synth piano and Gabriela Robin + Yoko Kanno up to their old “we kick musical arse” tricks. Rather “Enya-ish”, but eons better. The rhythmic choral section that pops in here and there is just so pretty. This also has quite a optimistic feel despite Karen’s sad past. Personally, I wonder what Kanno was thinking when she wrote this one because Karen’s beauty hides her insecurities yet here, everything seems to be open.

VERDICT: repeat

5 – Subaru (4:18)
Composed & Arranged: Yoko Kanno
– Flute and clarinet play off each other in the intriguing opening to be joined in by a sad orchestral melody. Very movie music-like. There’s some Howard Shore, Lord of the Rings-like chord progressions in there which gives a sort of noble feel. Not unrepresentative of Subaru at all. This is probably one of the most relatable pieces on the entire OST.

VERDICT: repeat

6 – Sorata (4:41)
Composed & Arranged: Seikou Nagaoka
– Starts off with monk-ish chants (symbolism, undoubtedly pointing at Sorata’s monastery roots) which then moves into a rather neat, almost rock-ish melody with a touch of jazz and some weird BG vocals. It moves and could be mistaken for fighting sim music if it was faster. A very fun piece.

VERDICT: repeat

7 – Yuuto (3:30)
Composed & Arranged: Hisaaki Hogari
– Atonal but there’s a guitar in the background behind all the clanging that progresses into a melancholy yet hopeful piano with guitar accompaniment melody. This one is quite strange and mysterious. Seeing how Yuuto is a charming playboy, it’s quite interesting that the composer saw him as this weird mess of…mess.


8 – Arashi (3:37)
Composed & Arranged: Yoko Kanno
– Very modernistic classical feel. Reminds me of Barber or Prokofiev or Ives; it’s strange and almost uncomfortable until you get used it. After that, like Arashi herself, it’s beautiful and then mysterious as well. The music hints that there’s something beneath that wants to be found, but also wants to remain hidden. This is a gorgeous work that, however, sadly needs understanding before it can claim full appreciation of the listener.


9 – Seiichiro (4:08)
Composed & Arranged: Nagaoka Seikou
– This piece is somewhat of a surprise. It’s based more in funk and bop than anything else. As a piece of music, it’s very appealing and listenable. As a representation of Seiichirou, it’d odd because the thought of Seiichirou being jazzy is quite far away from his caring-father-typical-nice-guy image. So if anyone can tell me how this piece relates to Seiichirou, feel free to tell me.

VERDICT: repeat

10 – Kusanagi (5:06)
Composed & Arranged: Yoshikazu Suou
– A solo trumpet soars over earth-y music sounds – vibes, some modernistic piano, some electric guitars and traditional drums…quite appropriate and straightforward for Mr. Earth-boy. As a piece, it’s also a nice work in itself, though it fails to really take itself anywhere.


11 – Seishirou (5:14)
Composed & Arranged: Yutaka Fukuoka
– This piece moves and feels a bit like a RPG action FMV music where the heroes are running to rescue someone. Actually, it reminds me of 007 Goldeneye on N64 music. Not unlike Sorata’s image file, it’s quite fun, but not quite sadistic or morbid enough to be exactly the bloody Seishirou.

VERDICT: repeat

12 – Kakyou (4:35)
Composed & Arranged: Hisaaki Hogari
– A calm opening that’s reminds me of a seaside (well I guess that’d be about right since it’s Kakyou.) that’s permeated by weird chants that feel out of place and tech blips and swirls which are fine representation of Kakyou’s condition. It’s like listening to a satellite connection. This is probably the most symbolically obvious of all the pieces on the OST, but it’s not easy to stay focused on it.


13 – Fuuma (6:04)Composed & Arranged: Yutaka Fukuoka
– At first impression, the listener will probably think they’re standing in some religious temple of Asian sort with chanting monks. It continues on this chant base while gradually picking up some speed/rhythm. What exactly the composer’s trying to say in this one it a bit hard to pick out. It sounds very optimistic as opposed to Fuuma’s bloody and teasing nature. When he’s evil that is. Perhaps this is more to represent his earlier, evil-less days. Nonetheless, it’s a very interesting piece.


14 – Kamui (4:31)
Composed & Arranged: Hajime Mizoguchi
– Sad string orchestra pops in again with a solo cello and piano interlude. There is angst and pain in the melodies and that’s not incorecct when it concerns the unfortunately mopey Kamui. However, the piece is a bit boring. Angst was never too much fun. Save this one for when there’s a need of music to cry to.


OVERALL: Each piece tends to be very symbolic of the person that they are speaking about. It may take some time to see exactly how to composer interpreted the character and what surrounded them, but understanding is not what they’re about to give you. The entire CD is centered around a more “modernistc” classical music feel, though the touches of jazz here and there are nice breaks. This is recommended mostly for hardcore X fans and those that dont’ mind strange, not usual, not alway melodic music. Yoko Kanno’s “Karen” is certainly an oustanding breath of fresh air of all the works and the catchiest. It soars and though might not be the beautiful Karen as she is protrayed in the manga or anime, paints a gorgeous picture all the same.

By kiyo-chan

X: "Strength"

Anime: X
OST: X Original Soundtrack II
Artist: Kohei Koizumi

Japanese Lyrics

Kanashiiyumenosekaide aisuruhitomanku
Ikiteikukotose tomerarenainara bokuwananiwosurebainno

Aishitesubentenakushite siredelisagashiteta
Mamoritsuzukerukotono utsukushisa sorewatadanomadoroshi

Kiminostsuyosato yasashisasae mamorukotomodekizu
Moshimo daremogasinosadeni sakuraukotomodekizu
Nee oshietyo namidianoimiwo

Anohinoyakusokuante kanauhazumonaku
Dakedo nazedarou bokuwasukoshidake shiawasedatteomotta

Donnanitsurakattakakoga yukuewokobandemo
Hosoihikarigabokuniwamieruyo Kittomaboroshijyanaisa

Kiminotsuyaosato yasashisanara mamorerukamoshirenai
hitonokokorowa kawarerumono soushinjitemitai asuwoikirutame
mou nakanaide bokugairukara…

imawafuanna miraidakega
bokutachino kokorowomayowaserukedo
hitonokorowa kawereukara

mou mayowazuni ikiteikeruyo
mou nakanaide ima arukidasou

English Lyrics

No on to in a world of sad dreams
If I can’t stop living, what should I do?

Even though I loved and lost it all, I was still searching
Protecting, keeping, the beauty that is an illusion

I couldn’t even protect your strength and kindness instead I just suffered
If nobody can disobey their destiny to be born
Hey, tell me the meaning of tears

The promise from that day would never come true
But, I wonder why I felt a little happiness

No matter how hard the past was…it even denies where I am going
I can see a thin light that is not a phantom

With your strength and kindness, maybe a true feeling can be protected
I want to believe that one’s heart can be changed to live for tomorrow
Don’t cry anymore because I am with you…

Now, only an unstable future gives us hesitation in our hearts
Because one’s heart can be changed, I won’t give up on my
precious thing

With your strength and kindness…
Because one’s heart can be changed…
You can live without hesitation
Don’t cry anymore. Let’s start walking now

By Cherubim

X: "secret sorrow" (TV Edit)

Anime: X
Ost: X Original Soundtrack II
Artist: Kohei Koizumi


Kanashimino hontounowake kikanaide
Tsukiakari kimiwoterashite bokuwatada
Setsunakute nemurenai

Aisureba aisuruhodotsuraku
Dakara yasashiku tsuyokunarenuhazu
Kanashimidatte omoidenikawaruyo
Kimiwoomoukimochi yuzurenaikara


Not asking for the real reason behind the sorrow
I embraced you tightly
The moonlight shone upon you,
and all I did was intensify my love
I’m so lonely that I can’t sleep

The more I love, the tougher it gets for me
That’s why I can become kind and strong
Even sorrow will turn into memories
I want to believe in it
Because I can’t yield my feelings for you to anyone

By Cherubim

X: "eX dream"

Anime: X
Ost: X Original Soundtrack II
Artist: Myuji


Izurekowareyuku konosekainiwa
Yumeyakiboutoka doudemoii

Kokorononakade nemurukimiwa
Kaerarenumiraiwo sonotedekanjite

Burning for your life
Itsukamoetsukiru konoinochiwo sasagetemo
(for the perfect dream)
Drowing in my dream
Tatoeoboretemo yumewayumedeshikanai
Kimiwa star light


In this world which will someday fall to ruin
Dreams and hopes don’t matter at all

Because you’re asleep within your heart you
will never wake
But feel with those hands the future that can’t be

Burning for your life
Even if I sacrifice this life that will someday burn
(for the perfect dream)
Drowning in my dream
Even if I drown, a dream is only but a dream
You are the star light

By Cherubim

X: "Crystal"

Anime: X
OST: X Orginal Soundtrack II
Artist: Kamui Shiro


Kimiwowasurenai kanashii ashitaga kitatoshitemo
Bokurawaitsumademo yamanaikaze
Kimiwomitsuketai anohinoshirushiga nakunattemo
Bokurawadokomademo nagarerumizu

Mukashisagashita koenoyouni
Umarestsuzukeru naminoyouni
Kokorokasanete sonosakie anobashoe

Itsukamataaeru konomunenikimgairu
Dakarabokutachiwa tabiwotsuzukeru
Itsukamewotojite omoidasutokigakuru
Dakaeaimadakewa bemurou so long

Kimiwodakishimete hajimete yasashiiusowotsuita
Sayonara iwanakunchaikenaikara

Kotobanakushite asagakitemo
Ameniutarete kizutsuitemo
Namidakasanete sonohateni irukimie

Itsukamataaeru owaranaimichigaaru
Dakarabokutachiwa tabiwotsuzukeru
Itsukamitayumeni hashiridasutokigakuru
Dakarakorekarawo tsunagou so long

Bokuwakokoniiru yasashisanitsutsumarete
Dakaranakanaide tabiwotsuzukete
Kimigakuretamono eienniwasurenai
Dakaranandodemoinorou forever to you…


I won’t forget you even if a sad tomorrow comes
We are the wind that will never stop
I want to find you even though the mark from that day disappears
We are the flowing water to the last

Just like a voice that I looked for a long time ago
Just like the lasting waves
Put my heart over years to the future, to that place

Someday we will meet again…you are in my heart
So, we continue our journey
Someday we will have time to close our eye and remember
So, let’s sleep for now…so long

While I was embracing you I told you a white lie for the last time
Because I needed to say goodbye

Lost words and even if the morning comes
Even if I get hurt by beating ran
For you, beyond piles of tears

Someday we will meet again…there is an endless road
So, we continue our journey
There will be a time that I will run towards the dream I had the other day
So, let’s connect from now on…so long

I am here wrapped with kindness
So, don’t cry and let’s continye our journey
I will never forget what you have given me forever
So, I pray over and over again, forever to you

By Cherubim

X Ending – "Forever Love"

Romaji Lyrics

Mou hitori de arukenai
toki no kaze ga tsuyo sugite
Ah kizutsuku koto nante
nareta hazu dakedo ima wa…

Ah kono mama dakishimete
nureta mama no kokoro o
kawari tsuzukeru kono toki ni
kawaranai ai ga arunara
Will you hold my heart
namida uketomete
mou koware souna All my heart

Forever Love Forever Dream
areru omoi dake ga
tanishiku setsunaku jikan o umezukusu
Oh Tell me why
All I see is blue in my heart
Will you stay with me
kaze ga sugi suru made
mata raretsu All my tears
Forever Love Forever Dream
Kono mama soba ni ite
yoru ke ni areru kokoro o dakishimete
Oh Stay with me

Ah subete ga owareba ii
owari no nai kono yori ni
Ah o umo no nante
nani mo nai anata dake
Forever Love Forever Dream
kono mama soba ni ite
yori ke ni onurieru kokoro o dakishimete
Ah Will you stay with me
kaze ga sugi saru made
mou dare yori mo soba ni

Forever Love Forever Dream
kore ijo arukenai
Oh Tell my why Oh Tell me true
oshiete ikeru imi o
Forever Love Forever Dream
areru namida no naka
kagayaku kizetsu ga eien ni kawaru made
Forever Love

English Translation

Alone I cannot walk
Time’s winds are too strong
Ah, it’s wounded
I should have gotten used to it, but right now

Ah, leave me the way I am
My heart, even though damp
At this moment is being changed
If unchanging love exists
Will you hold my heart
Catch my tears
All of my heart is ready to shatter

Forever Love Forever Dream
Only overflowing thoughts of love
Please bury all of the terrible, sorrowful time
Oh tell me why
All I see is blue in my heart
Will you stay with me
Until the winds pass
All my tears overflow again
Forever Love Forever Dream
Be with me this way
Please hold my trembling heart until dawn
Oh stay with me

Ah, I want this to end
Nothing is ended though in this night
Ah, I am lost
There is nothing…only you exist
Forever Love Forever Dream
Will you stay with me
Hold my trembling heart until dawn
Oh stay with me
Until the wind passes
At this moment, more than anyone I want you with me

Forever Love Forever Dream
I can’t go on
Oh tell me why, Oh tell me true
Tell me the meaning of life
These tears overflowing from our relation
Until the seasons change into forever
Forever Love…

By Raven

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