Your and My Secret volume 1

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Alternative Title: Boku to Kanojo no XXX (Japanese)
Written by: Al Morinaga
Publisher: ADV Manga
Release Date: 06.22.2004 (USA)
Genre: Comedy/Love

Addtional Notes

  • Black and White
  • 186 Page Count
  • Age Group: 13+

First Volume Review

Akira Uehara, the feminine boy in high school will have life hard enough, to add to his troubles he has develop a crush on the meanest girl in school, Nanako Momoi.
Nanako Momoi, a petite and just adorable girl on the outside has a monster for the inside, Nanako in the nicest of terms is the bitchiest butch you’ll ever see, yet Akira still loves her. Unfortunately his love isn’t given the time of day by Nanako, besides in his wet dreams. ^^ Anyway, one faithful day ‘Nanako’ calls in and says she is feeling ill and won’t be able to make to school, Akira sees this as a once in a life time chance to get close to Nanako and volunteers to take her homework to her house. When Akira reaches he discovers that Nanako is being held against her will by her grandfather (a genius scientist), as a Ginny pig for experiments. Nanako’s grandfather explains in order to make progress some sacrifices must be made, unfortunately Nanako doesn’t see it the same way. Nanako being the generous person that she is suggests that Akira take her place. After he is detained Nanako’s grandfather accidentally flicks the switch too soon and both Nanako and Akira are zapped. Luckily as the grandfather explains the experiment wasn’t about human shrinkage as he first led us to believe, but rather human body switching.

Nanako and Akira now find themselves in each other’s body, and have to wait until the genius scientist returns from his vacation in Hawaii to switch them back. Nanako gives Akira a warning not to do anything ‘dirty’ with her adorable body or else she will walk outside in his socks alone in Akira’s. However, Akira being the softy that he is gives Nanako full privalages with his own, actually he doesn’t tell her anything as he is scared out of his mind of Nanako. The next day in school Akira finds out that Nanako took his body for a personal test drive if you get what I mean. ^^ Nanako (now Akira) seems to fit right in with the rest of the boys, she was already more masculine than feminine. Akira (now Nanako) has some trouble adjusting to his new body, although he does try several times to see how everything works only to be caught by Nanako.

Problems and tensions begin to arise when Senbongi (Akira best friend) falls for the new more feminine Nanako, and tries several times to do it with her (or him or whatever). Nanako begins to date her best friend Shiina; she figures since she is now a guy that she should explore all the beauties of wankerhood. Where Nanako seems to be perfectly fine with it Akira is going mad, he is still in love with Nanako (except every time he looks at her, he is staring at himself) and his best friend has the hots for him. Everyone around Akira (including his family that seems to like the manlier Akira) seems to be telling him in one way or another to just get use to his new lifestyle.

I didn’t know what to think when I started reading this, but it got funnier as I got deeper into the pages. This being the first magna that I’ve read in a while, it was hard trying to remember how to actually read the books. The story is well done (at least for my taste), and you sometimes find yourself sympathizing for poor Akira and other times you’re saying, “Just bang Senbongi already.” This manga is full of those precious memories that we had and can remember about trying to figure out how everything works, with a twist: body switching.
The manga seems to imply that Nanako is a wanker and Akira a high school boy with his dream fulfilled: a girl’s body to himself for himself. Although you actually ever see them, the hearts coming out of the bathroom when Akira is alone, doesn’t leave much else to think. This magna doesn’t just focus on High School sex, but also about fitting in to our place in the world. I’m definitely buying the second volume to this; I can’t wait to see what happens to Akira as he continues to work at the restaurant and tries to avoid Senbongi’s advances.


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