Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour

Game Title: Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour
Console: Nintendo DS
No. of Players: 1
Release Date: 08.30.05 (USA) Nov ’05 (EU) 07.21.05 (JPN)
Genre: Trading Card Game
Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami

The game’s story is pretty simple, it’s the actual playing of the game that can be hard. You are a deulist and you duel other duelist. The game incorporates the first three segas of the anime, and has you duel a loose adaptation of that storyline. If you’ve watched the anime all the important duels that Yugi Moto faced will be the people you have–I guess you beat him to it. You’ll face the major characters from the anime and collect Kaiba Points based on how well you did in the duel.

The story is very weak and poorly put toegther since you are just moving across your screen bumping into duelist and if you bump into the right one, you progress the story. The main object to the game is basically to clear certain points and move on. For example defearting Maximillion Pegasus, then winning the Expert Tournament, defeat the Big 5 and Mr. Kaiba and then defeat Yami Marik and the Shadow Ghouls. Each phase presents a new challenge all other Yugioh games did not.

Well besides from actually dueling (if you don’t know and are interested you can check out the official site here) you will be a character with a name and house where you check your email, save, and go to sleep. Outside of your house (a.k.a. Bedroom) you’ll see a map of a city and there will be a point showing where you are and you are free to move where ever on the screen. Eventually your cursor will pick up another duelist signal from their duel disk and depending on how far you are in the game you’ll be able to tell who it is, if not, you’ll just have to click to find out. Once you’ve clicked you’ll have to duel them, unless you’ve registered them (which you can only do after you’ve beating a few times).

As you progress the story you’ll sometimes be forced into duels with other people like the Ghouls or Pegasus’ henchmen from time to time. Once you get stuck in a something say a saga that you must complete you will have the defeat it or be defeated and get a game over, and restart from when you last saved. Many times your selection of duelist will be cut down down in order to press you to continue with the story line. (For example restricting you to weak duelist until you fight the boss and win)

But this is still a TCG Video Game is lets talk about that.

At the very beginning of the game you get to pick a starter deck, mostly common cards and a few rares. It’s then your job as a duelist you to duel other duelist and collect Kaiba Points based on how well you did in the duel. Once you get the points you can then exchange them for Card Packs which contain, I believe, 5-6 cards. Sometimes you’ll get a very rare card but most often than not you’ll get commons. The object is to build and customize your own deck–you can have up to 16 different decks. As you duel you will gain experiance points and go up levels, and as you do that you will unlock new packs and new and stronger foes, which in return once you duel them give you more experiance points thus gain more levels and unlock more packs–it’s a depressing cycle, eh! You don’t have to collect them all you just have to make a deck that works for you, but the more packs you have the better cards you unlock.

Eventually you’ll beat the final boss and have access to battle all the different characters till the end of your days. You can also wire-lessly link with a friend and duel.

If you know how to duel it’s going to be easier for you for sure; however, if you don’t it might be a bit tricky. The A.I. in this game is a lot more intelligent than in previous games and tends to pull of some tricky moves. Still their decks will always stay the same, so if you beat them at level 1 with start decks you can pretty much kick their ass at level 22. The games does present more challegens in this one though. For example of placing requirement in order to progress or even defeat the duelist. (Example and Spoiler: the final boss is Yami Marik and in order to beat him you must defeat him with an Egyptian God card. Now while it can be easy for some people, and their decks to beat him, having to use or Egyptian God card is pretty annoying. It took me about 15 tries 9 of which I defeated him but not with Slifer).

Replayability, or in this case, why battle stronger duelist when I can just stick with the weak ones.
First off, like I said before the game makes certain duelist inaccessible when you progress the story in order to suggest to you to contine one, and once you gain levels you’ll automatically go onto a next level; however, the developers understand that somtimes you just might not be ready to face X person you they leave out very weak duelist and throw in a few Ghouls and their shadow games (which if you loose to it’s Game Over and you restart) to keep you busy so that you can gain more experiance and thus get better cards.

I’m sort of disappointed but at the same time glad that I bought this game. As usual not every card is in this game and there isn’t much of a story line as so much random battles that you can sort of consider a story. The stronger A.I. is cool because it present more of challenge but overall they still are mediocre since they will always have the same deck, so they get weaker as you get stronger.

The overal attraction to this game, especially for the franchise’s fans, is the fact that the cards are in ‘3-D’ and the Egyptian God cards are in the game. HOWEVER: 1) the 3-D feature is pretty crappy, horrible pixels and the notion that some cards get a cut-scene and others don’t pisses me off; 2) the Egyptians God cards have been turned into a joke: half of their abilities have been taken away and they can be destroyed by almost everything. I’m still very pleased the actually be finally able to play with Ra but it’s still hurts to see what they have done to it.

Overall, the game is still an overall ‘plus’ and something most fans have been waiting for. It’s a short run but if you have the tallent to build a good deck you can defeat it in a matter of hours/a day or two. The games give you the chance the duel a lot of different duelist, duelist that have been neglected in prior games. So if you like the card game, you might want to seriously consider buying this NOT to be blow away by whatever but mainly to get some awesome duels out of it.

By Cherubim

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