Original Work: NAMCO
Director: Keitarou Motonaga

>> There is a Yumeria video game out there. It is what inspired the creation of this anime. It was released in 2003 by NAMCO. I have never played it, so no comparisons between the game and anime will be made in this review.
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“Mone! Mone mone mone!”

Yumeria introduces us to another harem-like comedy. One average, everyday guy is suddenly blessed with the company of five beautiful women all under the same roof. Does that sound familiar? Tenchi Muyo, Love Hina, the latest Ai Yori Aoshi may come to mind. Just like these titles, Yumeria is complete with ecchi humor, ditzy humor, and of course beautiful ladies.

So who is the lucky guy and how did this all start? Well, the man of the hour is Mikuri Tomokazu. One the night of his sixteenth birthday, Tomokazu is sent to a dream world, called Moera, where he finds himself in the middle of a battle between a monster and a young girl. When he awakens the next morning, Tomokazu finds the same young girl lying beside him in his bed! Before he knows it, life for Tomokazu quickly turns a new leaf. His once quiet and normal life has turned into a life full of adventure and fun. He becomes responsible for defeating the evil creatures of Moera from invading and taking over Earth. One by one, his female companions—Mone, Mizuki, Silk, Neneko, and Kuyou—join his adventure. When the females are touched by Tomokazu (ha!) they transform and/or receive a power charge, which gives them energy to defeat the faydoom. On top of saving the world, Tomokazu must also make it through school AND deal with 5 women! Poor guy…

The “save the world” plot is not one of the best out there. The series is short and it comes to a closure just much to fast. I doubt a viewer would get hooked onto the series because of its “save the world” plot. It feels way too much like a cheesy shoujo. What kept me continuing with the series were the characters and fun. The females are very typical to other females you would find in similar genres, but the creators still did a decent job of expanding their personalities—especially when their major concerns involve the protagonist. On top of the typical harem characters, there are also the typical funnies—panty shots, lesbian fantasies, breast physics, half naked ladies, accidents, and nosebleeds. Tomokazu is, of course, the man to develop the closest bond with the girls. So, expect a good amount of heartwarming moments, as well. Aww…

The music is really pretty. I am not going to complain about it at all. It feels really cute and touchy, and the music does a great job at touching up those heartwarming moments. The opening theme is really bouncy, exciting, and silly sounding, but for some odd reason I like it. I do not like comparing music, but I have to say that if you like the music from Chobits or Azumanga Daioh then you will probably enjoy Yumeria’s as well.

The animation has its ups and downs. The anime looks bright and the character designs for Tomokazu and his group of ladies are adorable! They look like your average anime cuties. The backgrounds, for the most part, are colorful and just fitting for Yumeria. The downside is the entire design for Moera. It may have been the artist’s intentions to make the world look boring and lifeless, but it really is not so great. The creatures of Moera, whom are called Faydoom are the oddest, but simplest of things. They look like basic geometric shapes with perhaps a wing and a horn there. Impressive? Not at all.

Overall, Yumeria is still an enjoyable anime to pick up if you are a fan of harem stuff and looking for another to add to your collection. However, the series is nothing new. If you do not watch Yumeria–no fear–you are not missing out on much. Recommend for mature audiences because of some perverted humor.

Score: C+
+ Amusing
+ Adorable characters
– Weak plot
– Ending feels rushed
– Been there, done that. We’ve seen the “one guy, five girls” thing done already.
? Questionable animation

License Information Note: I got a hold of Yumeria through some online fansubs. However, Yumeria is not available for download anymore. ADV Films announced its license at Anime Expo 2004. Look for its official release in the near future.
Another Note: Because it has not been released in the United States yet, the character’s names and the anime’s title may turn out to be something totally different. I’ll try to remember to change this information if they do turn out to be different.


Mikuri Tomokazu: He is young and a very laid back guy. He is your average-everyday high school student (with average high school student perverted tastes). His parents passed away when he was younger, so he now lives with his cousin, Nanase.

Mone: The adorable blue haired girl from Tomokazu’s dream. She is adorable and knows it. She can only say one word—”mone”—hence why she is named mone. Think of her as another Chii from Chobits.

Senjyou Nanase: Tomokazu’s playful cousin. Her measurements are well enough to give a crowd full of men nose bleeds. She knows she is sexy and uses that to toy with her little cousin’s perverted mind at times. The relationship between Nanase and Tomokazu is a really strong one, starting back when they were both very young. They are more like brother and sister than cousins.

Agatsuma Mizuki: Tomokazu’s long-time childhood friend. She is smart (a top student at school even), shy, and pretty. She has the “girl next door” personality.

Neneko and Koneko: Neneko is the fun loving, cat-wanna-be girl. She is lively and very curious. Koneko is her cat friend. (Koneko is the cutest thing in the world) They are always together.

Silk: Silk is the mysterious woman who informs and guides Tomokazu and the other ladies about what they must do in Moera. Silk only appears in the dream world. She is powerful and very knowledgeable about Tomokazu’s power. Not much is known about her.

Senjyou Kuyou: Kuyou is the “cheerleader” of the group. She is enthusiastic and optimistic. Just like all the other ladies, she also enjoys teasing Tomokazu and “playing matchmaker.”

Sensei Ishikari: This is Tomokazu’s extremely odd teacher who likes being cruel to Tomokazu. He’s a perv. Period. He loves young girls. *cough* young girls…

(Episode titles may change when released in the US)
1. Birthday 16
2. Tomokazu, 0 Mark
3. Bulma V
4. School Swimsuit Strategy
5. Watch at Dream’s Beach
6. Master of Yukata
7. Girl Who Endlessly Reincarnates in Reverse
8. Our Refusal
9. Bunny Man
10. Katsu-don Flavor
11. Destiny Change
12. Tomokazu, 100 points

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