HDTV sucks

Looking around Mediamarkt we walked past all the new snazzy HDTV’s. They had a lineup of all the expensive models in the 1500-2500 euro range playing a Harry Potter movie. You’d think it would look awesome with all the CGI and it being a high budget movie. But it didn’t. The quality of these new TV models is so incredibly good and crisp and detailed that the movie looked terrible. It was so incredibly detailed and crisp that it no longer looked like Harry and his friends were in a cave miles under the bank trying to find a secret item. It looked like a bunch of actors in makeup walking through a well built studio set that just felt hollow and empty. Quite weird, because the picture quality was absolutely perfect, so perfect that it totally failed.

4 Responses to HDTV sucks

  1. Don’t forget that you’d normally be sitting at least 2-3 meters from the screen, not with your nose pressed up against the glass (unless you’re under 5 years old ;)).

    • Aye, that’s what I figured so I stepped back about 3 meters, but no, still looked like extremely high detail actors in a studio lot. At least on the cheap hdtv’s it still looked like a proper movie. Less is more?

  2. Yep, need to sell them crap and market~

    I love a comedy sketch in belgium, they used at the end a known belgian insurance jingle.

    So basicly the comedy sketch cartoon:

    Guy shopping all these things. And one product swells up more and more with the background noise is: “Reclame reclame reclame~!”
    Guy takes the product.
    Queue end jingle: ” U heeft goed gekozen~!” ” You have ‘CHOSEN well~!”

    • Yay for consumerism. Meanwhile we have less and less channels on ‘normal’ cable because they’re pushing everyone to digital. I refuse to pay more for the same crap so I’m likely going to end up cancelling tv entirely.

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