Downhill or uphill

It doesn’t make sense when people say ‘things go downhill’ because they mean things get worse. Shouldn’t that be uphill though, as in an uphill struggle?
Please observe the above picture for easy reference.
Now, discuss!

(kindly note, the author of this masterpiece might be slightly affected due to a flu fever at the time of posting this)

5 Responses to Downhill or uphill

  1. Moneys or stock chart wise~

    • Ok… you got me there. Hadn’t thought of that one. There goes world domination. But… people use it a lot in daily life when it’s not related to stock charts.

  2. I want to put forth a thesis on this one!

    Sun = Awesome

    Amount of sun at the top of a hill > Amount of sun at the bottom of the hill

    => Top of the hill is more awesome than bottom of the hill
    => going downhill is not cool

    Prove me wrong :o

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