Ok, I absolutely adore, it appeals to the statistics whore in me. It’s also a great way to discover new music. For those unfamiliar with it, you download a program which tracks what music you listen to. This is then turned into statistics you can view on their website (all RSS powered, so you easily add it to for example your blog). Recently played, weekly charts, fave bands, you name it.
It also lets you see music you may like as well, based on what it knows you love. And you can see a list of other people with a similar music taste.
Anyway, the list goes on and on, check it out if you’re a music nut.

And, now we also have a group for members:
Join it! If we get a group of people on there it will generate a weekly chart based on what we’ve all been listening to, which in turn could be fun to add to the site.

15 Responses to

  1. At least 15 (>O_o)
    I hardly have time to listen to moosic D:

  2. ” Pandora is currently for US listening only”

  3. The selfish bastards D=

  4. Stupid Question:

    What is an RSS Feed?

  5. Click on the RSS icon in your browser’s address bar. RSS feeds are streams of data which can be embedded on other sites. For example if you look at Commie’s blog you’ll see in his right sidebar a widget which shows the latest topics on my blog. That’s done by simply pointing to my rss feed.

  6. Oh, thanks. I always wondered what it was.

  7. Will we ever have 15 peeps at our group? D=

  8. well, you’ll have nine :D

  9. 3 of which are Commie….

  10. yeah, i noticed that. i’m even impressed they have different track records. what he needs to do is tie in his restaurant’s music somehow…that’d be magical. plus we’d know what kind of mood music he plays at that joint :D

  11. At the moment I hardly listen to music…
    …and I still haven’t decided on what player I’m going to use in Ubuntu Linux.
    As soon as I’m permanently setup (in Linux) – I’ll get back to y’all ;-)

  12. Lies they aren’t Commie at all, they be all in different cities~!

    Restaurant moosic is boorin.

  13. but where do you get it? is there like, a Greatest Restaurant Hits cd or something? :D

  14. The old ones was bought more than 15 years ago and not by me (>O_o) So no idea.
    And the more “recent” ones was bought in Malaysia and Singapore :X

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