Signal vs noise

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How do you find interesting sites in a web where 99.9% is tripe from newbies or spammers.
I recently joined a blogger network. Blogs really are the Geocities of today for anyone familiar with how things worked a dozen years ago. The problem is blogspam, the amount of people that blog for money, who think they can earn a quick buck by copypasta-ing stuff from all over the web and posting it as original ‘content’. Even on BlogCatalog this much is obvious, and the amount of noise drowns out the signal, because who really has the time and energy to look for a gem in a pile of, well… dung. An invite only network sounds nice, just for like minded people who do their thing and enjoy the old spirit of the web. That could be a way to build a stronger signal.

In other news I did also dropped a few links at StumbleUpon, which was good for a sudden 100-300 visitors when I did it but didn’t have any lasting effect. If you do use that as well fro your bookmarks or whatever or you just want to help the site, stumble a few pages around the site.
It’s entertaining to try all these sites and see what kind of effect they have, if any at all.

2 Responses to Signal vs noise

  1. That’s why I just stick with our lovely blogs here ^_^

  2. Damn, I couldn’t agree with you more.

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