Shifter theme


WordPress widget heaven, this theme widgetizes everything, including the content.

For a better idea of what it can do check out this video. Unfortunately it costs anywhere between 80 and 1000 euros depending on what kind of license you want, but it looks brilliant. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes, and how long it’ll take people to come up with a free alternative.
This should definitely win any theme of the year contest, it’s widgets set free instead of having them confined to a single sidebar as is still the case in most themes.

4 Responses to Shifter theme

  1. o,o Thats awesome.. but why so much money for a ‘theme’- thing? I think ima wait for a free alternative.. I don’t have.. well i have.. but i’m not shelling money out for that..

  2. Very nifty theme. …
    Anyhoos, I’m impressed.

    I see the whole WordPress popularity is still up there.

  3. Those features are pretty cool, but I wouldn’t pay for them either… I started a blog, and I still use WordPress Classic! (added a tagline, of course…)

  4. that’s pretty powerful…but not sure it’s worth the money.
    really going to attract that much business that having a dynamic web theme is going to be more economical than just using a static, free theme?

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